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Effective Pain Relief Therapy

The Wilcox Family Chiropractic team.

Wilcox Chiropractic Team

I am convinced that PEMF is effective in reducing and even erasing chronic pain. Although I started PEMF treatments at WFC on the recommendations of trusted colleagues, I’ve expanded the service because I’ve seen the results. It works.
Dr. Wilcox


Enjoy Life Again!

If pain is part of your every day, we want to help. At Wilcox Family Chiropractic, we offer many services that reduce and erase pain.  Why PEMF – Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy? We are convinced that PEMF offers results in even the most chronic situations.

People in Europe and Japan discovered the benefits of PEMF (also known as PMT -Pulsed Magnetic Therapy) long before we did. Our “take a pill for it” or “cut it open” culture resists natural therapies because they “can’t be as good as medicine.” But if you watch or read the ads for medications and unnecessary surgeries these days and get a bit revolted by the long lists of disgusting side effects, you’ll understand why these effective, drug-free therapies are becoming more popular.


Yes, you can have relief without harmful side effects! But, the benefits of FDA approved PEMF go way beyond just relieving pain. The side effects of Magnetic Therapy are positively life enhancing. The treatments energize every cell, fostering overall wellness and enhance your quality of life. We hope to answer all your questions here, but please call us at 616-531-1500.